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Downtown Core

Centretown, West Centretown, Byward Market, Golden Triangle & Sandy Hill

If you love the urban beat and love the pulse of the city, then these neighbourhoods are for you!

The vibrant core of the National Capital has fabulous Condo options and numerous Single and Semi-detached properties.

Where is it? 

Centretown is (you guessed it) Ottawa’s downtown core — an area south of Parliament Hill and the Ottawa River, with the Canal to the East and Bronson Avenue to the West, bordered by the Queensway on its southern edge.


The average walking time to the Confederation line of the LRT is 15 minutes, to either the Parliament or the Lyon stop. It is also approximately a 20 minute walk from the neighbourhood’s core to the Rideau Shopping Centre, home to two of the OCTranspo system’s major stops, Rideau and Mackenzie King.

What makes Centretown special?
Centretown might be part of Ottawa’s bustling downtown, but it has an abundance of green and open space, thanks to the seven dog parks, Rideau Canal, and of course, the Ottawa River. Located near many of Ottawa’s most popular tourist destinations, residents of Centretown are surrounded by some of the city’s most beautiful scenery, as a lot of Ottawa’s beautification projects are concentrated in the downtown core.
Like all Ottawa neighbourhoods, Centretown has its own commercial areas which provide for the needs of its residents. During the day, Sparks Street is alight with government and office workers out to lunch, and is especially popular when happy hour hits. Bank and Elgin Street both have plenty of restaurants and bars, as well as shopping and grocers.
If you work downtown and enjoy being mobile, then Centretown is a perfect location. Less ideal for car owners, as parking can be difficult or expensive, the accessibility to both Light Rail and OCTranspo lines makes it a great neighbourhood for young professionals, small families, or the newly retired. Having access to both the Ottawa River and the canal, as well as the neighbourhood’s several parks, makes the area great for small dog owners, although the limited square footage of downtown apartments might be a little cramped for bigger pets.
Centretown is marked by a mix of residential and commercial properties. The main streets such as Bank Street and Elgin Street are largely commercial, while the smaller ones, notably MacLaren and Gladstone are more residential. Much of the area still consists of original single family homes, but there are newer infill and town house developments and low-rise and high-rise apartment buildings. A construction boom that began in the late nineties significantly increased the number of condominiums and other residential and commercial high-rise buildings north of Cooper Street.
Local Schools

Elementary Schools

Centennial Public School Regular and Middle French Immersion

Elgin Street Public School Early French Immersion

Glashan Public School

Lady Evelyn Alternative School

Secondary Schools

Lisgar Collegiate

What are some of the Centretown favourites?
Annual Ribfest on the Sparks Street mall is an event that you won’t want to miss!
Darcy McGee’s Pub on Sparks Street is a great place to unwind after a long week!
Attending the annual Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Cenotaph is a truly poignant and moving experience.

Catching the changing of the ceremonial guard on Parliament Hill is always fun.
If Dim Sum is your thing, then the Yangste in ChinaTown is the place.
One Ottawa’s Hottest restaurants is the Riveria on Sparks Street.

Market Values

Centretown Single Family Homes SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (40)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 2 1 $474,900 $570,000    
Max 9 4 $1,600,000 $1,560,000 150 231
Avg 4 3 $890,515 $900,964 19 26
Median 3 2 $799,900 $828,625 11 12

Centretown Semi-Detached Homes SOLD Stats 2020

Status: Sold (11)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 3 1 $589,900 $560,000 3 5
Max 5 4 $919,900 $927,000 43 182
Avg 3 2 $747,473 $770,273 13 31
Median 3 2 $699,900 $775,000 9 17

Centretown 2 Bedroom Condo's SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (196)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 2 1 $289,900 $284,000    
Max 2 3 $1,695,000 $1,680,000 267 267
Avg 2 2 $504,608 $506,603 26 34
Median 2 2 $493,900 $492,450 15 20

Byward Market (Lowertown)

The Byward market is in the Heart of the City, and some might argue, it is the Heart of the City.  The area is been designated by the City as a Heritage Conservation district which ensures that the areas Historic architectural features are preserved. It is also designated as official tourist district by the City which allows for extended holiday shopping hours for the area.

Where is it?

The Byward Market is bordered on the west by Sussex Drive and Mackenzie Avenue, on the east by Cumberland Street. It stretches northwards to Cathcart Street, while to the south it is bordered by Rideau Street.

What makes the Byward Market Special?

From a cultural perspective the Byward Market is special as it’s window to our past, our history and our roots. The preservation of the Architecture has been critical to bringing a unique look and feel to the area.  The area has a vibrant nightlife with Ottawa’s largest concentration of bars and restaurants. It is also home to Ottawa’s largest Farmers market and borders on Ottawa largest retail complex in the Rideau Centre.

Within an area roughly four blocks square, you'll find museums, cafés, specialty food shops, boutiques, galleries, restaurants, pubs, hair & aesthetics salons and more! Easily accessible on foot, by transit or by car, the ByWard Market offers a unique experience for all.

ByWard Market is a buzzing hub of outdoor farmers’ market stalls and specialty food shops selling Canadian cheese and maple-infused chocolate. It’s also known for its colorful street art and hip stores filled with crafts and clothes by local designers. Surrounding eateries serve shawarma and BeaverTails (sweet fried pastries in the shape of a beaver’s tail). Nightlife encompasses rustic taverns and vibrant Night clubs.
One of the biggest features of the Market is that things are all within walking distance.  For a car centric city like Ottawa, this one of the few areas in the City where owning a car is optional.  In recent years this area has increasingly attracted larger condominiums and has been mecca for the younger crowd looking for the urban beat.

The area is vibrant and busy but can be a little noisy for day to day living.  Although if you love historic homes and are willing to put up with the noise, there some true gems in this area.  The area just North of the market features lots of turn of the century homes.
Local Schools

Elementary Schools

York Street Public School

Lady Evelyn Alternative School

Queen Elizabeth Public School

Rockcliffe Public School

Secondary School

Lisgar Collegiate

What are some of the Byward Market favourites?
It’s actually very hard to pick with so many options in this area.
If you want a special night out “Eighteen” is one of the top restaurants in the area.
If you want to catch a Senators Hockey game Sens House is the sports bar to go to.
Being so close to Parliament Hill "the Metropolitan" is also a popular restaurant for the Parliament Hill crowd.
A short walk away the Nation Gallery is always inspiring for its art and Architecture.
The Earl of Sussex is a classic for a quick beer and pub food with friends.
The summer farmers market is an eclectic mix of fresh vegetables and souvenir’s.

Market Values
Byward Market Single Family Homes SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (13)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min   1 $465,000 $500,000 2 2
Max 12 4 $1,099,000 $1,101,525 73 126
Avg 4 2 $680,885 $688,639 24 42
Median 3 2 $624,900 $628,000 18 28

Byward Market Townhomes,Semi-detached Homes SOLD Stats 2020

Status: Sold (44)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 1 1 $375,500 $415,000 1 1
Max 4 4 $849,900 $825,000 126 126
Avg 3 2 $545,777 $574,190 14 18
Median 3 2 $532,450 $572,000 8 9


Byward Market 2 Bedroom Condos SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (68)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 2 1 $259,000 $252,000    
Max 2 3 $2,275,000 $2,275,000 254 554
Avg 2 2 $618,134 $614,255 29 67
Median 2 2 $534,950 $545,000 16 21

Golden Triangle
Urban living at its best! If you love to be right in the heart of things, but still want to have the comforts of large single family home, then the Golden Triangle is for you. It’s easily walking distance to downtown, and still not entirely dominated by oversized condo buildings.

Where is it?

The Golden Triangle is a sub-neighbourhood of Centretown in central Ottawa. It is a triangle in shape, between Elgin Street on the west and the Rideau Canal on the east. The area is bordered by Ottawa City Hall to the north and to the south by the Elgin street Police station. It is dominated by large single family homes (many have been subdivided), with a number of condominiums and small apartment buildings.  Its main western thoroughfare Elgin Street (nicknamed "Sens Mile"), is home to boutiques and galleries, while surrounded by eating establishments, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Its eastern thoroughfare Queen Elizabeth Driveway runs along the western edge of the Rideau Canal. Along the entire length of Queen Elizabeth Driveway is a multi-use trail that is part of the Capital Pathway system

What makes the Golden Triangle special?
You are in the Heart of the Downtown core of a major Canadian city and it doesn’t feel like it!
Easy Walking distance to Parliament Hill, Cartier Square and the National Arts Centre!
All the benefits to downtown living without the typical traffic and crime issues you might see in other Cities.
Like the Glebe this area has a substantial amount of turn of the century heritage homes. 
Great dining and entertainment are an easy walking distance away on Elgin Street.
If you want a little more night life, the Byward Market is also a short distance away.
In the Summer the farmers market in the Byward Market is the perfect place to get your fresh fruits and veggies!

Local Schools

Elementary Schools

Centennial Public School

Elgin Street Public School

Fisher Park PS/Summit Alternative School

Glashan Public School

Lady Evelyn Alternative School

Secondary Schools

Lisgar Collegiate

What are some of the Golden Triangle favourites?

Ottawa's Jazzfest in Cartier Park has a great atmostphere and some world class artists
For some of Ottawa’s best seafood, the Whalesbone restaurant has amazing fresh oysters!
There is nothing quite like spending Canada Day on Parliament Hill.
The newly renovated NAC is a great evening out!
The Riviera Restaurant on Sparks St. has great atmosphere and is renowned as one of Ottawa best new places to eat.
Enjoying the Christmas lights on a walk through Cartier Square during Winterlude, and you can also see some spectacular ice sculptures

Market Values
Golden Triangle Single Family Homes SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (10)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 3 2 $799,900 $830,000 7 7
Max 9 4 $1,589,000 $1,528,000 58 231
Avg 5 3 $1,130,260 $1,109,290 22 43
Median 4 3 $1,112,450 $1,087,500 16 16


Golden Triangle Semi-detached Homes SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (5)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 3 2 $699,000 $740,000 6 6
Max 5 4 $990,000 $1,075,000 43 43
Avg 4 3 $853,760 $874,000 22 22
Median 3 2 $884,900 $875,000 26 26

Golden Triangle 2 Bedroom Condo's SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (23)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 2 2 $349,500 $335,000 1 1
Max 2 3 $1,695,000 $1,680,000 81 112
Avg 2 2 $594,365 $598,903 21 30
Median 2 2 $498,000 $495,000 15 18

Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill is one of Ottawa’s oldest and was one of its most prestigious neighbourhoods, located just east of downtown. It harkens back to the earliest days when the City was called Bytown, and the town was dominated by the Lumber Barons.  Some of the homes are of significant national heritage, such as Laurier House. Laurier House is a National Historic Site in Ottawa located at 335 Laurier Avenue East. It was formerly the residence of two Canadian prime ministers: Sir Wilfrid Laurier (for whom the house is named) and William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Where is Sandy Hill?

The neighbourhood is bordered on the west by the Rideau Canal, and on the east by the Rideau River. To the north it stretches to Rideau Street and the Byward Market area while to the south it is bordered by the Queensway highway and Nicholas Street. The area is named for its hilliness, caused by the river, and its sandy soil, which makes it difficult to erect large buildings.

What makes Sandy Hill Special?
Sandy Hill’s proximity to downtown and the Byward Market makes it a great location to live.  Although now it tends appeals to more of a wealth working professional or empty nester. It is a short walk to the downtown core, the vibrant nightlife of the Byward Market and great shopping at the Rideau Centre. The housing features a lot of turn of the century custom homes, which brings a unique character to the neighbourhood.

One of the gems of Sandy Hill is Strathcona Park and its one of Ottawa’s largest and prettiest parks.  The focal point of the park is the large fountain and water feature located in the centre of the park. The Rideau River runs parallel to the park on the east side just down from the Russian Embassy. If you own a dog, he will love you for buying a home in this area.
Sandy Hill is home to a number of embassies, residences and parks.  Embassy Row is the area nearest to the Rideau River and is home to some of the largest concentration of Embassies in Ottawa outside of Rockcliffe Park. Le cordon bleu operates its Canadian school there, at the opposite end of Sandy Hill from the University of Ottawa.

Unusual among modern urban neighbourhoods, Sandy Hill demographics change dramatically within a few blocks. Very wealthy people live near the embassies of the Rideau River, but closer to the university, one finds more students, senior citizens, and new immigrants with more diversified income levels. 

With the expansion of neighbouring Ottawa University, many of the large three storey single family homes have been converted to triplexes and fourplexes. So much so that the City of Ottawa recently implemented a bylaw to prevent this.


Aside from the influx of more student housing options, there are still significant number of large single family homes in the area.  The proximity to downtown is very appealing to working professionals without kids
Local Schools

Elementary Schools

Viscount Alexander Public School

York Street PS

Lady Evelyn Alternative School

Secondary Schools

Lisgar Collegiate

What are some of the Sandy Hill favourites?
The sheer architectural beauty of many of these 18th century mansions here is something to appreciate, and something very rare in all of Canada. 
Some of the examples of Victorian Architecture are unique and worthy of national preservation.


The presence of many one way streets and traffic control measures has allowed the neighbourhood to avoid becoming a traffic conduit for the core.  
If your looking for the special single Malt Scotch or rare wine the LCBO on Rideau Street has one of the Cities largest selection of both, in a huge basement vault.  (FYI, It is open to the Public).


Whether your walking your dog or just enjoying the scenery in Strathcona Park, it will take you back in time.  This park remains as it has been for since the late 1800’s.
A quick trip down to the historic Byward Market and you have some of Ottawa’s

Hottest nightlife and varied dining options available.The nearby Byward market is also home to Ottawa’s largest fresh food open market run by many of the local farmers.
Sandy Hill residents are lucky enough to fall into Lisgar Collegiate district, which known to be one of Ottawa’s top secondary schools

Market Values

Sandy Hill Single Family Homes SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (22)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 3 2 $569,000 $570,000 2 2
Max 8 6 $1,350,000 $1,475,000 125 268
Avg 5 3 $833,777 $836,405 22 34
Median 4 3 $769,450 $764,500 11 17

Sandy Hill Townhome, Semi Detached Homes SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (33)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 2 2 $499,000 $492,500 1 1
Max 7 6 $1,095,000 $1,050,000 41 96
Avg 3 3 $738,885 $757,478 13 18
Median 3 3 $734,900 $730,000 7 8

Sandy Hill 2 Bedroom Condo SOLD Stats 2020 

Status: Sold (66)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 2 1 $299,900 $299,900    
Max 2 2 $1,060,000 $1,000,000 173 548
Avg 2 2 $518,491 $512,691 35 59
Median 2 2 $494,500 $492,500 18 24

West Centretown

West Centretown has traditionally been an immigrant receiving area, probably because of more affordable housing (at least until very recently). Vietnamese, followed by Chinese, are the largest business groups among the many varied Asian businesses along Somerset St. The Italian businesses are centered along Preston.
Where is it?

West Centretown is bounded by Albert Street and Scott Street on the north, Carling Avenue on the south, Bronson Avenue to the east, and the O-Train line and Bayswater Avenue to the west. The neighbourhood includes the communities of West Centretown, Chinatown, Little Italy, Rochester Heights and Nanny Goat Hill.  

What make West Centretown a special place to live? 
Both Chinatown and Preston Street are home to some of Ottawa’s best restaurants. With traditional Dim Sum available in Chinatown and a more diverse selection of dining available on Preston Street. 

West Centretown like a lot of downtown Ottawa, is a community in transition.  With some of the new zoning changes brought forth from the City Ottawa these neighbourhoods are being radically transformed.  While most of Chinatown has avoided radical transformation, the areas to the South in Little Italy are seeing major redevelopment.  With their direct access to the emergent Light Rail transit project, the areas of little Italy are now home to some of Ottawa’s largest high-rise condo developments.  With the introduction of high-rise condos we are seeing a slow but steady redevelopment of some of the older homes in the area.  And yet, some of the largest development in the area is yet to come in the areas just North of West Centretown at Lebreton Flats.
Local Schools

Elementary Schools

Viscount Alexander Public School

Fisher Park PUblic School Summit Alternative School

Lady Evelyn Alternative School

Glashan Public School

Devonshire Community Public School

Secondary Schools

Lisgar Collegiate

What are some of the West Centretown favorites?
Advent of Ottawaès new LRT (light rail Transit) is a game changer for the area.
Access to both downtown and Dow’s lake coupled with the area restaurants makes this an appealing location to live.
Zoning changes allowing 50+ storeys on Condo have created a condo boom in the area.
If you love Italian food Giovanni’s is one of the hot spots on Preston.
If you love traditional Dim Sum the Yangste on Somerset is a must.
Redevelopment of the new Civic Hospital will also be a short walk away.
Hopefully West Centretown will also be steps away from a new Arena for the Ottawa Senators at adjacent Lebreton flats.
Dragon dances are frequent along Somerset as well as Buddhist parades, and the Autumn Festival. 
Festivals celebrating Italian culture in Ottawa include Settimana Italiana (Italian Week) and La Vendammia. Great time to see local Ferrari Club.


Market Values

West Centretown Single Family Homes SOLD Stats 2020

Status: Sold (24)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 1 1 $320,000 $390,700    
Max 9 4 $1,200,000 $1,200,000 147 147
Avg 3 2 $636,521 $672,774 21 22
Median 3 2 $607,000 $640,000 7 7

West Centretown Townhomes,Semi-Detached SOLD Stats 2020

Status: Sold (31)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 2 1 $399,900 $479,000 1 1
Max 6 4 $799,900 $990,000 105 194
Avg 3 2 $609,432 $663,418 14 18
Median 3 2 $625,000 $674,900 6 6

West Centretown 2 Bedroom Condo's SOLD Stats 2020

Status: Sold (14)
    Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM
Min 2 2 $349,000 $320,000 5 5
Max 2 2 $685,000 $766,100 62 136
Avg 2 2 $541,157 $554,907 20 30
Median 2 2 $537,450 $535,000 13 13

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