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Westboro Area

Westboro/Wellington Village and Hintonburg.
Westboro/Wellington Village

Welcome to Westboro, clearly Ottawa's hottest neighbourhood to live in.  Westboro is located just west of downtown Ottawa and has become the darling of Ottawa Real Estate.  It has all the elements that make it a highly desirable place to live, trendy shopping districts, great restaurants, and great schools.
Where is Westboro?

Westboro, as the name suggests, is located just West of downtown Ottawa, right next to Hintonburg. Where Wellington Street West and Richmond Road meet, there’s a cornucopia of gorgeous condominiums and quirky low rise buildings with character, locally owned shops, hair salons, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, pubs and yoga studios. 

What makes Westboro special?
Westboro is certainly vying for the title of the top neighbourhood in Ottawa. With it’s trendy main street and easy access, this area is quickly eclipsing the Glebe as the place in Ottawa to live. This neighbourhood is a health-fanatic’s dream, with all the organic shopping choices and vegan restaurants one could possibly imagine. It seems like everyone walking the streets of Westboro is holding a green smoothie in one hand and a yoga-mat under their other arm. As trendy and urban as Westboro is, it also offers the beauty of the outdoors with scenic views of Gatineau hills and its very own beach, located walking distance from the main strip. This neighbourhood is truly a convenient and hip spot for movers and shakers. Westboro is also an amazing spot for families, as there are plenty of parks, daycare facilities, and schools.
Its also is the perfect place to live if you are lucky enough to own a cottage or chalet on the Quebec side of the River. With some of the top lakes in the entire Country within 30 to 60 minutes away.

As Westboro is located relatively near the Downtown core, it makes for an extremely easy spot to be as far as transportation goes. Drivers have easy access to the highway (or the scenic route, if preferred), walkers and cyclists have the option to take the parkway, and if you’re taking the bus, there are several stops located along Wellington and Richmond, as well as two major stations; Westboro station and Tunney’s Pasture.
Over the past 10 years, Westboro has had a major development makeover, causing the price of real estate to rapidly increase. That being said, the reconstruction of this neighbourhood has made it a gorgeous, safe, walker’s and foodie’s paradise that is definitely worth the price tag.

Local Westboro Schools

Elementary School

Hilson Avenue Public School

Broadview Public School

Churchill Alternative

Fisher Park PS/Summit Alternative School

Secondary School

Nepean High School

Some of the Westboro’s Favourites!
Taking a leisurely strolling down Wellington Street W. on a Saturday afternoon.
One of Ottawa’s top hair stylist can be found at “REDS” on Wellington St. W.
Catching a Summer movie night at Westboro beach.
Spending an evening on a roof top terrace in Westboro Beach.
Letting Fido loose for a big run at Hampton Park dog park.
A Summer Lunch on the patio at Tyme and Again restaurant.
Taking a walk at the height of the Fall colours in Hampton Park.

Westboro Market Values
Single Family Homes

Status: Sold (57)

                Beds Baths List Price Sold Price     DOM CDOM

Min            3       1      $459,900 $455,000        1       1

Max           3       4      $1,799,900 $1,689,000 100   161

Avg            3       2      $806,556 $805,974        20    30

Median       3      2      $769,000 $770,000        10     11

Townhomes 2018

Status: Sold (12)

               Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM

Min            2     2       $434,000 $425,000     2       2

Max           3     3       $849,900 $830,000     101   329

Avg            3     3       $660,433 $661,367     29     55

Median       3     3      $676,950 $690,750     16    17


Coming from very modest roots both Hintonburg and Mechanicsville are going through a significant renaissance with the increasing gentrification of the neighbourhoods. Both neighbourhoods have long been the haven of working class families of mechanics and bikers. The winds of change have certainly come to the smaller lots of Hintonburg, with Mechanicsville leading the transition with larger condominiums taking over.

Where is it?

The area of Hintonburg and Mechanicsville starts just west of Bayswater/Bayview and east of Parkdale Ave with the south boundary being Wellington St. West.

Why Hintonburg is a special place to live?

The neighbourhood’s proximity to downtown and the Western parkway has always made it an easy commute, but add the new LRT extension and the access to all of Ottawa is at your fingertips. While it has taken a long time to transition from its modest roots, the transition is really starting to show promise.  The trendy shops, neighbourhood pubs and exercise studios are moving in and pushing out the neighbourhood services and taverns of yesteryear.  
The Parkdale market has long been a draw to the neighbourhood and certainly is better then ever, with higher prices mind you. 
The house stock in this area has been dominated by singles, duplexes and triplexes, mostly with aluminum siding. The lots are notoriously narrow at 19 ft. most with single lane driveways and few garages. The current trend is seeing most of these being bulldozed to put up modern, if narrow, semi-detach homes with two and three floors.
The neighbourhoods are also very close to Tunney’ Pasture and the Old Civic Hospital campus.

Local  Schools

Elementary School

Connaught Public School

Devonshire Community Public School

Fisher Park PS/Summit Alternative School

Secondary School

Glebe Collegiate

Nepean High School

Some of the Westboro Favourites
Picking up fresh fruits and vegetables at the Parkdale Market is a popular weekend pursuit.
Taking the family out for a bike ride down the extensive bike paths on the Western Parkway.
Watching the Canada Day fireworks from one of the large condo balconies on Parkdale Avenue.
Walking to a concert at Bluesfest in neighbouring Lebreton Flats on a warm summers evening.
A must visit is the Elmdale Tavern, recently converted to the Whalesbone Seafood restaurant. This newer restaurant has excellent food and kept all the charm of the old tavern’s exterior.
Find some of the best burgers in Ottawa at the Hintonburger.

Market Values
Single Family Homes 2018

Status: Sold (30)

              Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM

Min                           $349,900 $340,000     1     1

Max            6     4     $999,900 $1,210,000 173 173

Avg            3      2     $596,176 $617,887    21   34

Median      3      2     $559,450 $587,500    9     13

2 Bedroom Condos 2018

Status: Sold (31)

              Beds Baths List Price Sold Price DOM CDOM

Min           2     1        $192,000 $182,500     3    3

Max          2     2        $509,900 $525,100    121 121

Avg           2     2        $349,658 $343,790    40   44

Median     2     2        $344,900 $331,000     31  33

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